Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Trojan Spam Strip

I've been e-mailing some of my art to someone and they complimented my work by saying "It's better then getting SPAM." It was one of those moments where they said it and they didn't mean to intend how it came out . So I couldn't help but jump all over the innocent remark and shoot them this strip in return....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bunglestar Galactica?

A "Bungled" idea that never came to fruition. As I played around with other ideas for comic strips, I was thinking of making a parody of one of my favorite shows on TV... Battlestar Galactica. Here is an example of a sketch of what the Cylon centurion was going to look like.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It was Indiana Jones like...

Wow. When I moved a while back I had thought this was lost like the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But as usual, I was looking for something completely different and came across this strip.

When I first started working on Life On Pause, I didn't have the tools to do it the "right" way. Meaning, I didn't have a scanner. So I drew LOP in photoshop (See Image below) which had mixed results. Although I didn't have the means to scan LOP, it didn't stop me from drawing the first strip free hand, inking it and not doing such a great job keeping tabs on it. As you can see it's pretty much...Night. And. Day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Concept for "Baal" from Martin the Spartan

I was doing some research into "Ancient Demons" trying to find a style and perhaps a name for the Antagonist of Spartan the Martin.

I came across "Baal" There appears to be many different images of this one demon. So I tried to interpret a few different ideas into one. The flames I added myself. I want to pay homage to characters like "Aku" and "Demongo" from Samurai Jack with the flames. The design isn't perfect as I only spent about a half hour on it today. I'm interested in how it will look once I make the two thousand changes I'm sure I'll make before it's all over, but thought it would be cool to show a starting point.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Martin the Spartan

I've always been fascinated with Ancient History. When the movie "300" came out I thought it was amazing and was ashamed that I had never read Frank Millers "300". So I have taken it upon myself to create a Spartan world. It's a planned Animated short called "Martin the Spartan". The style and part of the story telling lends credit to Samurai Jack. I'm currently still working out the story and character design. From left to right is Daphne (Martins One True Love) Oracle, Belle the Nymph and of course Martin the Spartan. Click image for larger view.